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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Wedding Accessories

Now that winter is finally here, may we suggest some great accessories to warm up your wedding day! Our fox or faux furs are sure to add some toasty elegance to any gown. Pairing our boleros with a chunky statement necklace or my personal favorite, bridal booties, will instantly take your winter wedding to a higher altitude. Featured jewelry and engagement party dresses are from J. Crew. My favorite shoe designer has made some fabulous bridal booties, check out Ann Roth's designs at And of course Modern Trousseau's fur, tulle and lace boleros can be found at any of our fine retail establishments. For listings close to you, go to

Friday, December 17, 2010

Photographer, Donald Kennedy, has chosen the esteemed Astor Courts locale to shoot some of our favorite 2011 gowns. The famous Rhinebeck, NY location is hailed for it's beautiful architecture, marvelous grounds, and of course the Chelsea Clinton wedding. Here are some sneak peak photos coming soon to bridal magazines everywhere!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Wedding Chicks

Just found: The Blog by the Wedding Chicks is fabulous! They have some unique wedding ideas and a great hand picked vendor page, boasting a compilation of wedding professionals dedicated to a vintage chic style.

How can Purple and Lace look any better!?! These pictures were found in Purple and Lace a North Carolina Wedding, by Smitten Photography.

Our Autumn gown is featured as the perfect dress to accompany this romantically hued wedding!

For more purple and lace ideas, check out The Wedding Chics.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Here are two arrangements made by City Blossoms for our showroom in New York City. Gorgeous flowers, with that architectural flare we have come to love so much about their designs!

City Blossoms

As the name suggests, this florist makes it easy to find blooms in the city for any wedding!

We have been working with City Blossoms and have become obsessed with every single one of owner, Karina's creations! Her floral arrangements combine the European architectural style with city chic. Less has become more, with emphasis on the beauty of single flowers, who can resist the high impact that simplicity gives to your wedding day. A perfect accompaniment to our classic, sophisticated, gown silhouettes!

Gain a fresh perspective on your bridal bouquets check out these tips or go directly to for online advice.

Orchids are still a very versatile flower to use in your bouquet. They come in so many different colors. Using a pale pink can give you a soft and romantic feel, while all green can give a rustic, earthy vibe.

Pairing mainstream flowers with something unexpected and lesser-known, is one way to make a bouquet cost friendly and truly unique. Using plants, berries, pods, fruits, and even vegetables can add a that layer of texture and funkiness.

Check out our favorite flower craze at:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Season Engagements

Engagement season is upon us! Come celebrate your big moment with Modern Trousseau!

The magic of holiday festivities swirling in the air and families being joined together once again, makes this a perfect time to try on some fabulous wedding gowns for your special day. This holiday season, our boutique in New York City will be featuring the newest gowns in designer, Callie Tein's 2011 collection. Why not try on gowns while mom and grandma are in town, making this holiday season even more memorable!

Whether your looking for lace, the fit and flare style, or something just a little more fashion forward, these gowns are sure to satisfy anyone's wish list this year!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Three Easy Steps to Finding Your Perfect Gown

Congratulations on your engagement! Now that you have found the perfect person time to select the perfect gown! Many brides-to-be have dreamt of their gown from the time they were little and they know exactly what they want while others are not sure where to begin. So make to your selection easier (and fun) I have listed below a 1-2-3 step process to find your prefect dress.

Step One:
The first step is to research wedding dress styles and designers. Bridal magazines are a great place to start. In addition, many designers have their dresses online which can help you become more familiar with their collection. It’s always helpful to print or tear out pictures to keep track of the styles that you like the most. Pictures are always better than words. Don’t worry if you are having trouble finding what you want… that’s why we have bridal consultants. They are more than happy to make suggestions as they know the different styles of gowns that will best suit your body type.

Step Two:
Set up an appointment to try on the different gowns. You will probably want to bring help to decide on a gown, but limit the number of people you bring. Stick to a few good friends and family. Too many people can be overwhelming and confusing with contradicting opinions. You may also want to bring a strapless bra and heels. One of the most important things is to establish a budget and make sure you are shopping at the right stores. You don’t want to fall in love with a $10,000 dress when you have a $2,000 budget. Let your bridal consultant know your budget as that will help in the selection process.

Step Three:
This is the part where dreams meet reality. You get to try on the gowns! This is when all that research will come in handy because you can show the bridal consultant exactly what you want. Keep in mind selecting too many dresses at once might make them all start to blend together. Keep your list short and sweet start with 6 to 8 gowns. As you try on the gowns try to imagine how they will work for the setting of your wedding and the time of year.

Sometimes you just know that the gown is the right one and when you do then you really don’t want to take it off. Or you might have more than one favorite and that’s fine too. Not everyone has that “aha” moment. Just keep in mind that eventually you will find the perfect one. Don’t worry you will know. Always remember it’s supposed to be fun. So relax, have fun and enjoy the moment.

Side note:
As you build your pre-wedding timeline please keep in mind that you should be looking for your gown 9 to 12 months before your wedding. This will allow time for your gown to be produced and make alterations.

Next Post: Questions to consider when choosing a gown as it relates to your wedding

Friday, May 21, 2010


Summer Days are here!!!!!! Siren is the perfect Summer gown...... the small ruffles give the illusion of waves in my opinion. Perfect destination wedding gown. So interesting.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


What an incredibly unique and gorgeous gown!!! You are sure to stand out in this gown. Lined in blush, Monroe is a full lace gown that fits beautifully. We like to call the lace our "60's" lace because of the pattern detail within the lace. Monroe was inspired by the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe because of her sexy and sleek fit. This gown was chosen above all others to be photographed for Inside Weddings! Enough said. Impeccable!!!!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Simply put.... .CLASSIC ELEGANCE. Matilda epitomizes what is described as understated chic. What makes this gown truly beautiful is the luxurious duchess silk satin fabric and the small details that come together to make this gown perfect. Once I saw this gown on for the first time I knew it was something special. The fit is incredible on all body types. It is an A line skirt, but has an impeccably done sweetheart neckline. Another interesting detail is the bow on the side of the gown which is actually looped through a hole and blends into the skirt. Brilliant! This gown always makes me think "Jackie O." When a bride puts this gown on she takes center stage and lets the beauty of the gown accent her natural beauty. This is a gown you will be thankful for the rest of your life that you chose to wear!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

PORTIA... from Inspiration to Reality!

Whenever you have a moment, you simply MUST check out the latest "inspiration to reality" story on Style Me Pretty featuring our Portia gown. It is amazing! I could sit here and tell you all about the perfect fit, the unique take on using a silk chiffon, etc but it may just be a waste of time as you can see for yourself how incredibly exquisite Portia is. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to wear this gown on their wedding day?? It is flawless!!! I have already received countless inquiries about this gown as was to be expected. Hurry and call so I can tell you all about her! What a gorgeous gown... and feel free to steal some ideas from the impeccably done photo shoot:) Bolero is also by Modern Trousseau, but sorry everyone you will have to find your own precious flower girl!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Today I have chosen one of my personal faves to discuss. It is a more unique gown, but the intricate detailing sends me right over the edge. Caroline is made of an exquisite metallic lace (it is the perfect marriage between a platinum and gold hue). When you put Caroline on there is something about the sweetheart neckline, placement of the lace, and straight fit that creates the illusion the gown just drips right onto the body. I just envision Caroline looking so incredibly beautiful and elegant in the right setting. She really works quite well with various colorings. This gown just has a certain beauty and appeal to her like no other. It will certainly be one of those gowns that is talked about in social circles for years and years. Once you see her in person, you are sure to fall in love too!!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Everyone is just loving Tia this season.!! The ruched bodice really makes for a beautiful fit and the one- shoulder gives her a subtle but nice edge. Made of Thai silk, Tia can fit in to all types of settings. Her versatility allows her to work with all types of brides. She is by far a favorite among most people I have come in to contact with. SO beautiful!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Wallis made her debut a few weeks ago at market in New York City! Around 75 yards of tulle were cut vertically to really give her a unique look. We like to call her our "Sex and the City" gown and who doesn't want to emulate Carrie Bradshaw on the biggest day of their life?! Wallis was a HUGE hit at market. Everyone was just dying to stick her up in their store windows. To top the look off, she is shown with an exquisite black sash. However, your sash possibilities are endless. We have also created this amazing belt in both silver and black that has small crystals embroidered throughout the middle... my personal fave I must say! To sum it up, Wallis is that full dramatic dress you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Don't forget about the SAMPLE SALE starting tomorrow from 10-6 in the NYC Showroom and carrying over on Saturday from 10-6. This is an event you DO NOT WANT TO MISS out on. We have tons of beautiful gowns just waiting on the perfect home. Your dream gown is most likely somewhere in here waiting on you. Call to make an appointment fast!!!!!


552 7th avenue Suite 201
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

new website

Our website has been re-vamped...woohoo!!! It looks stunningly gorgeous and has all the new dresses from the 2011 collection included. As market has wrapped up in NYC, we are all a little overwhelmed with the incredible response to the newest collection. There were so many amazing gowns people were having trouble deciding which ones to buy and some people ended up just getting the entire collection:) Well done. I feel this is going to be a fabulous year. Be sure to check out the website...
Tomorrow I will be filling you all in on the much anticipated SAMPLE SALE!! We are cleaning house so hurry up and make y our appointment.
Also... in the upcoming weeks I will be discussing each of the gowns from the 2011 collection. Feel free to vote for your faves!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shout out to Style Me Pretty

Thank you Style Me Pretty! The absolute BEST wedding blog. I personally visit nearly every day and am not engaged! So as market has kicked off, we have had an amazing response to the new collection. We could not be more proud of Callie as she has outdone herself yet again. The new laces are TO DIE FOR. You will also find some really stunning more couture pieces as well as some breathtaking silhouettes. I can not say enough about this new collection! I even had one bride pop by the showroom before we debuted and snatch up a gorgeous gown for herself. Everyone MUST come see our newest additions You will fall in love.....again:)

Thursday, April 1, 2010


That's right ladies!!!! We are kicking off Spring with a much desired SAMPLE SALE!!!! This is for all you gals who go to bed every night envisioning yourself in your dream gown, but are having trouble justifying the cost. Well go ahead and continue to grab your expensive coffee from Starbucks every day because now you can have it all!!!! Beautiful couture gowns in great condition will be discounted as much as 70% off. Wow!! Hurry up and mark your calendars for the 16th and 17th of April because this is something you do NOT want to miss. We will , of course, have a mimosa in hand waiting for you when you arrive and continue to pamper you until you find "the one." It is going to be a great weekend. Can't wait to see you!

For all inquiries you can contact Kate at 212.278.8030

Event will be held in the New York Showroom:
552 7th Avenue Suite 201 (btwn 39th and 40th street)
New York, NY 10018

Saturday, March 20, 2010

New York Showroom AD

I just had to share our AD for the New York Showroom as I am completely in love with it. I feel as though it really exemplifies what we stand for..... modern elegance. While incorporating modern designs, Callie always seems to stay true to timeless elegance within her designs. It really goes to show you that you do not have to be over the top trendy or boring traditional. There is a compromise and the look always come off effortlessly chic!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Haily on the Cover of Charleston Weddings

The Haily gown from our 2010 collection was recently featured on the cover of Charleston Weddings! We could not be more excited. The pictures turned out amazingly gorgeous. The Haily gown is a unique silhouette made in an exquisite silk satin duchess. To really give it a modern edge, designer Callie Tein decided to produce it in our signature latte. This is truly a statement gown. Epitomizing modern elegance, Haily embodies every element you could possibly desire to be a show-stopping bride! Well done!

Check out the link at:

Summer 2010 | Charleston Weddings
Charleston Fashion Week, produced by Charleston magazine, is a five-night celebration of the city�s flourishing retail and design community, featuring runway shows from local retailers & designers, the ...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Celeste and Gizelle..... match made in Heaven!

When the former editor of Atlantan Brides Magazine, Celeste Couvillion, got engaged it was her turn to choose the most fabulous dress for her own special day. Being exposed to countless designers every day, she could have chosen anything. So what did she end up deciding on..... Modern Trousseau of course. Celeste wore the Gizelle gown, a silk, embroidered, organza strapless gown with a dramatic classic Dior bow wrapped around the waistline. The end result.... only the most exquisite bride you have ever seen. I just had to share some pics as they are truly beautiful. When the chicest women need to be outfitted for the most important day of their life, they turn to the experts. Thanks Celeste for an amazing representation!

Friday, March 5, 2010


The time is finally upon us. With Spring just around the corner, it is a great time to start thinking about amazing spring and summer gowns. Incorporate some silk organza into your gown for a look that is effortlessly chic. Lightweight and still beautiful, this material works well for outdoor weddings and won't make you break a sweat! Pictured is the "Harlow" dress from the 2010 collection. LOVE this gown!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


When it comes down to it, choosing a wedding gown is going to be a very personal decision. Every bride is going to have a different vision and their own unique style. For brides that are looking for a gown that really stands out without being over the top. your best bet is going to be to look at the TEXTURE of your gown. Make sure your the fabric is luxurious and fluid, but still has a creative element. Violet, from our latest collection is a prime example of texture done right. While being a classic silhouette, the textured fabric gives her a bit of an edge.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mother of the Occassion

Today I had the pleasure of working with the cutest mother and daughter. The mother of the lovely bride, wanting something chic and elegant without being frumpy, was informing me on what a difficult time she had been having finding something appropriate. I have to admit I have been hearing a ton of this lately. It is difficult when you are a beautiful woman and want to look and feel your best for the occasion, but are faced with the dilemma of only finding options that are either old and covered up or overtly sexy. We all agreed today that Callie did a wonderful job, especially with the latest collection, of finding that perfect balance for the mothers of the occasion. Again, a great fit and beautiful fabric is what is going to make all the difference. You are allowed to look stunning! Check out the Carleton and Rose- a few of my favorites!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to Find the Right One for You (gown that is not husband!)

Today I wanted to discuss how in the world to find the perfect gown for you. There is SO much to choose from and it can be overwhelming. As I have not yet been faced with this difficult decision, many of my friends have and they have all kindly let me in the know on what closed the deal for them. As I assumed it would be, they all said fabric and fit hands down. Luckily, this criteria just happens to be what we take pride in at Modern Trousseau. There are a number of silhouettes out there to choose from...grecian, mermaid, ballgown, t length, fit to flare, A-line. Not to mention, the fabric...lace, charmeuse, silk satin, taffeta, thai silk, organza, etc, etc. It is tiring. So in order to choose first decide the right kind of fabric to fit compliment your body type. Next consider the venue, time of day, and time of year the wedding will be taking place. I.e... a silk sating ballgown is going to be hard to pull off at a noon garden wedding. What you think you want is most certainly not what you are going to end up with. What looks great in the magazine is not necessarily what is going to flatter you. At Modern Trousseau, I feel we have enough variety to provide everyone with what is perfect for you. Our fabrics are the finest of the fine...traveling all the way from France and Italy just for you. So bottom line....luxurious fabrics, breathtaking silhouettes. Come to the showroom and we can most certainly review!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Wonderland

For all of you lovely brides out there that may be expecting a chill around the time of your wedding, we have the perfect solution! People have been just raving over our latest collection of boleros and shrugs. My personal favorite would have to be the Fur Bolero. Throw it on over your wedding gown, kick the collar up and you are the epitome of a chic bride. Works with all silhouettes. Apparently it is quite difficult to find this amazing little accessory, so swing by the Showroom and I can put you in an array of stoles and boleros you are sure to die over. Choose from fox fur, lamb, or chinchilla.... and the best part about it is that you can certainly wear these again after your big day. I may even get one for myself!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Okay so lately I have been hearing a lot of anxiety over finding the perfect gown. No need to fret. That is what we are here for. As the number one lace designer in the industry, I am inevitably always going to suggest to incorporate some lace into your gown. There is nothing more sophisticated and timeless than a beautiful French lace. However, if you are just not wanting to go that route, I have posted some suggestions below for you as well.
For a vintage inspired look, take a peek at Lauren, Jessica, Cara, and Autumn. The silhouettes are amazing and the lace speaks for itself. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Destination and outdoor weddings that require a gorgeous, no fuss look try Carla, Keira, Poppy, Taylor and Willow.
And for all of you glam brides that want to steal the show.... Mika, Addison, Harlow, Riley, Tania, Scarlett and McKenzie will all suit the occasion
Traditional ball gowns sure to make you feel like a princess Baily, Carrington, and Ashley.
However, there is something to be said for ALL of our gowns. I haven't met a sole who didn't fall head over heels in love with Devon, Sydney, and Gizelle.
Hope this helps out!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Around here we’re pretty much obsessed with amazing gowns. We recently launched the Fall 2010 Modern Trousseau collection on our
Look Book and with so many gorgeous new dresses, we just had to share.
Intricate details, perfect silhouettes, and luxurious fabrics… each dress has it’s own personality. The only question is, which one matches your own unique style.
Modern Trousseau’s designs are always sophisticated, elegant and whichever dress you choose, it’s sure to be completely you. Our personal fav just might be “Poppy” Timeless but still so chic.

- Style Me Pretty
A wedding blog for the style obsessed bride.

New York Weddings Magazine

We are excited to announce that we will be featured in the next issue of New York Weddings Magazine!! This is sure to be the best issue to date. Look for us on stands soon. You can also check out their website at Start to warm up in the city with this fabulous Spring/ Summer Issue.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Summer Gown

The Summer gown graced the cover of Wedding Belles Magazine this past December. It is a gorgeous gown made of duchess satin and french lace adorned with a large bow at side waist. We can't wait for you to slip this little number on! Call Kate today to schedule your appointment at the NYC Showroom. The showroom is just a few blocks from Times Square on 7th Ave in the Garment District. See you soon!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Wedding Inspiration

Thank you Style Me Pretty. A gorgeous inspiration board was posted today with a model in the new Mica gown. Hurry into the Showroom to try this gown on for your 2010 affair. Photography by Genevieve Leiper Photography.